Sometimes/all the time

“Sometimes the pencil is stronger than I am” is my favorite quote right now from an Inuit artist, Suvinai Ashoona.  I can kind of relate.  Sometimes stickers and street art have such a strong presence and force, stronger than me.  Well, not sometimes. All the time. I hope that’s not too weird.  I love the creativity, the hope, the commitment, the optimism.  That people will notice.  That people will care.

Dark times, then and now

I heard a reference to Tony Kushner last week that reminded me of a piece I read some years ago in The New York Times.  Kushner gave an extraordinary commencement speech at Vassar in the spring of 2002, which was then reproduced in The Times’ Op-Ed section, as I recall.  Reading the speech again tonight makes me sad to think about what happened this week with the young man at Rutgers who committed suicide by jumping off the Washington Bridge in NYC. Dark times, then and now. A quote here from Kushner’s so well-crafted speech: I am here to organize. …

Checklist for street art exhibition

Stuff done: Letter of invitation from SLU to Oli and Nada at Hatch – received ESTA forms filled out Plane tickets purchased Charlie pick-up at Newark First night in Manhattan with Charlie and Mom Charlie drives O+N to Canton Lodging set up at 24 East Main for the week (for Spencer, too) Text for exhibition card done, inc. quotes from 3 students All of the card images selected except for the front Test prints came in from Shutterfly today – looking good Stuff in progress: Kat’s working on text panels Bridget’s working on her Facebook project/installation Meeting with Jo at…

Upcoming exhibition at SLU + Rachel Maddow

There is so much to do to get ready for the upcoming street art exhibition at SLU that the fantabulous Stickerkitty blog is on the back burner right now.  One of the more difficult aspects of this exhibition, or any other for that matter, is putting together images and texts for the card.  Everything needs to be compiled in a very careful fashion b/c, for better or worse, the exhibition card lives on way beyond the exhibition itself. On a side note, Rachel Maddow needs to slow down.  Luv her message, but whoa, she is talking way too fast.


Just because I haven’t been writing about stickers lately doesn’t mean I haven’t been thinking about them e-v-e-r-y  s-i-n-g-l-e  d-a-y.  In the past month, however, one of my ace SLU students, Joe Pomainville, has scanned all of the Berlin stickers from Mauerfall 2009 and the CIIS trip in 2010 — about 600-700 or so from both trips, I think.  The posse grows.  I still need to put all of my 2009 NYC stickers into archival notebooks, so he can scan those next.  Maybe I can do that this weekend, tho it’s hard to be inside on such lovely summer days. …