Where to begin?

I’m hoping this blog will allow me to compile images and texts from iPhoto (two diff. computers), CONTENTdm, Flickr, three desktops from home or school, plus the shared x-dept. drive for the Gallery and University Communications, the shared Gallery drive with me and CM, and my own personal drive at school = 11 different sources. Insane, isn’t it? CM and I were talking today about whether or not to blog pre-published papers. I had leaned toward blogging until I heard some of her stories. So this l’il newbie is going to take things slowly for now.

Sticker central at the Gallery this summer

I’ve got a couple of SLU students, Kevin Carvill ’10 and Tsewang Lama ’10, archiving my sticker collection this summer. They’ve put everything into archival mylar sleeves and notebooks arranged by date and location. The next step is to figure out which ones to scan and load into CONTENTdm. Question: should I prioritize the best ones (the ones I want to write about?) or just begin at the beginning and assume they’ll all get done? Any suggestions would be great. The CONTENTdm sticker collection is here and click on “Browse” to find “The Gallery Has A Posse.”  I’ve got about…