I haven’t done squat with stickers all month, other than compile them in notebooks (which are now being stored in my car), hoping to go through them soon for further insight.  Last weekend, I added a copyright statement to all of the items in the collection, as well as to the items in the Gallery’s Permanent Collection.  It’s a copyright statement only to say I/we don’t necessarily own copyright on any of the items in the collection(s), which seems to be what everyone else is doing, too.  Sticker metadata is moving slowly like mud, and my sticker ninjas seem to be busy with other things, waugh.  I was hoping to get into NYC last weekend to look for election-related booty, but plans changed.  I think my next trip will be post-election, unfortunately.

Interestingly enough, however, the sticker collection can now be “harvested” through the Library’s new Encore discovery tool (click on “Encore” at the top).  I especially like the fact that one can tag items in Encore, something CONTENTdm can’t do yet.