SLU students at Hatch – Kat’s post

During the CIIS 2010 trip to Berlin this spring, I asked the students to each write a blog post to add to Stickerkitty.  This one from Kat Dwyer tells about our trip to Hatch Kingdom. “Traveling to Berlin gave us the opportunity to familiarize ourselves with Hatch Kingdom – the first and only sticker museum in the world.  Over the past couple of years, Cathy befriended Oli and Nada, two artists with a mutual passion for sticker art.  The three of us students—me, Charlie, and Bridget—were honored to meet such creative and generous people. We ventured to Friedrichshain, a neighborhood…

“a healthy opposition to ideologies” (I miss my Dad today)

A link from Infoshop leads to a Web site called Little Black Cart, which is a combination blog and shopping cart for books, mags, ‘zines, etc.  Reading topics include: anarchism, communism, culture, green anarchy, situationist, insurrection, anarchy, autonomism, and surrealism.  Here is what they write about Situationists. The Situationists (or Sits) were artists from various countries who formed a group in the 1950s called The Situationist Internationale. They critiqued modern society in its various economic, social, and political aspects. They wanted to bring Marxism up to date, to construct a theory of what was going on in society that was…

**Important Clarification

Just to clarify for the three people who read this blog, those were not my beads in the previous post.  I just ripped off that image from Google. As a side note, the ICA in Boston is doing a big Shepard Fairey show this spring, and I’m hoping to figure out a way to take an SLU field trip with some of the Gallery’s student ninjas for a guided tour of street art and a subsequent sticker liberation excursion, if we can find the $$.  Stay tuned.


Stickerkitty has been slacking off during the holidays and/or working on some other projects.  Thanks to Chris Watts at SLU’s NCAT, I learned how to create my name via a binary code of zeros and ones. I will need to spend some time with this information. PS–I’m not sure how to understand this sequence: 0101001101110100011010010110001101101011011001010111001001101011011010010111010001110100011110010010011000100011001101100011010100110101001100110011001100111011