Since 2013, I have had the good fortune to collaborate with Oliver Baudach on four traveling sticker exhibitions. Oli is the founder and director of Hatch Kingdom Sticker Museum in Berlin, Germany, the world’s first and only of its kind. Our international collections complement each other well in that his collection of over 30,000 stickers focuses on urban art/artists and street and skateboard culture, while my collection of over 15,000 “paper bullets” focuses on political stickers.

Each exhibition is listed below with links to more information including curators’ statements, exhibition contents, artists, and installation photos. Fees vary depending on venue locations; a fine arts shipper is preferred when possible. Our ultimate goal, however, is to present a comprehensive exhibition from both our collections in a major museum or arts center. Unlike other exhibitions of stickers pulled off the streets, our blockbuster exhibition includes only original, unused stickers.

Inspiring | Controversial | OBEY! Silkscreen prints and stickers by Shepard Fairey

St. Lawrence University, Canton, NY, 2022

Inspiring | Controversial | OBEY! sticker boards in the exhibition

Inspiring | Controversial | OBEY! at St. Lawrence University, 2022

Paper Bullets: 100 Years of Political Stickers from around the World

Neurititan Gallery, Berlin, Germany, 2019

Paper Bullets sticker boards in the exhibition

Paper Bullets examples (U.S.A.)

SHE SLAPS! Street Stickers by Women Artists from around the World

SHE SLAPS! sticker boards in the exhibition

Re-Writing the Streets: The International Language of Stickers

Re-Writing the Streets sticker boards in the exhibition

Re-Writing the Streets & Paper Bullets combined exhibitions at Susquehanna University, 2015

Re-Writing the Streets & Paper Bullets combined exhibitions at Central Washington University, 2018