City Kitty

Someone named City Kitty stumbled across my blog and sent me some of his kitty pastes and stickers.  He’s based out of NYC but says he gets over to Europe once a year to put up stuff, most recently London, Glasgow, Dublin, Galway, and Paris.  Here’s City Kitty on a Label 228. This other kitty sticker uses iridescent paints.  Difficult to read here but very nice in person! The larger piece below didn’t all fit on my scanner.  If you call the phone number 1-855-3-CTY-KTY, you’ll hear a rap song about kittehs…. meow, meow, meow.

Happy new year 2012!

All roads have been leading me to read up on the Situationists in relation to theorizing stickers, including a new book I picked up last week at the Harvard Book Store in Cambridge entitled Viva La Revolucion: A Dialogue with the Urban Landscape.  (Waugh, I’m not a theorist….) However, in the spirit of the new year, here’s a picture of me at the Pictoplasma character design art conference in Berlin in 2009!  Happy happy!

“What is a cat?”

Today is my sister Jean’s 47th birthday, and with love and my dear Dad’s sense of humor, I share this poem that she wrote as a young girl.  It’s called, “What is a cat?” “What is a cat? I will tell you. A cat is a funny thing (like a big fur ball). Find a playful kitten and get under your covers and move your feet back and forth.  (See what happens.) If a cat is pregnant it will roll back and forth, that is called heat. The cat will go away for a couple of days then when it…

What next?

“What next?” is right.  Hundreds of stickers to catalog.  Hundreds more to scan and catalog.  Since it is Thanksgiving break at school this week, perhaps kitty can take a little nap to reflect and refresh.