Featured student: Elena Shaw, SLU Class of 2024

This summer I have had the good fortune to work in depth on Spanish political stickers in my collection with a rising senior, Elena (Ellie) Shaw. I got to know Ellie last spring when she was a contributing writer for the Weaving the Streets & People’s History Archive that I oversee with John Collins from SLU. You can see her posts from her off-campus study in Spain at Lavapiés: The Perfect Place for Rebellion; Incendiary Commentary: The Ninots of Las Fallas, Valencia; and The Battle for Quinta Torres Arias: from Common Ground to Private Playground. While in Spain, Ellie also…

Republican Youth of Catalonia stickers

From Wikipedia: “The Republican Youth (in Catalan: Jovent Republicà) is a left-wing political party, and also the youth wing of the Republican Left of Catalonia (in Catalan: Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya, ERC), a Catalan pro-independence party. Until April 2018 it was known as Young Republican Left of Catalonia (JERC in Catalan initials).”