Happy new year 2012!

All roads have been leading me to read up on the Situationists in relation to theorizing stickers, including a new book I picked up last week at the Harvard Book Store in Cambridge entitled Viva La Revolucion: A Dialogue with the Urban Landscape.  (Waugh, I’m not a theorist….) However, in the spirit of the new year, here’s a picture of me at the Pictoplasma character design art conference in Berlin in 2009!  Happy happy!

Character Design

I’ve added a new category of links to this blog listing artists who work in character design.  Many of these artists overlap with those who do contemporary street art and stickers.  The Pictoplasma conferences in Berlin are probably the best place to find artists who create digital illustrations, animation, comics, skateboard designs, plushies and vinyl toys.   My favorite plushie and toy artists are Friends With You and Dalek, but check the links on the bottom right for more character design artists. Plushie toys are difficult to describe, but Wikipedia provides this outline: A stuffed toy An enthusiast of stuffed toys,…