Pictoplasma in NYC, September 4-6, 2008

After going to Pictoplasma in Berlin in 2006, I had to attend the 2008 conference so close in NYC.  Most of the events were held at NYU’s handsome Skirball Center.  My favorite lecture was by Akinori Oishi (who goes by “Aki”).  I asked if he’d consider doing an exhibition at SLU, so I’ll follow up with him via email in the weeks ahead. Melissa and Carole helped out big-time collecting stickers on Thursday afternoon–115 in all!  Not much political stuff yet, which surprised me.  But a few gems, nonetheless.  Check out my Flickr site for more images (coming soon!).

Kevin is off to Amsterdam!

Our dear Kevin Carvill ’10 is off to Amsterdam for the fall semester. Bugger! He was such a great trooper this summer, scanning over 1,300 stickers for The Gallery Has A Posse. We now have Tristan Wolfe ’08 on board, who seemed mildly interested yesterday when I showed him the project. He started to research TOWER from Berlin (tagger). I hope that Kevin will be able to pull together an exhibition next spring based on his sticker exploits abroad. Lots of details to figure out beforehand, tho. Maybe CM and I will need to do a site visit….

New additions to The Posse

CM and I loaded 253 digital sticker files into The Gallery Has A Posse, my CONTENTdm online collection of art stickers from around the world. I have lots to do ahead with metadata, much less research and writing. I can get a student or two to help with the metadata this fall. Here is a screen shot; take a look at the number 798 in red in the upper left hand corner! Our new total!!!!! All of the stickers with k01, k02, k03, etc. are the ones Kevin scanned, and those are the ones I’ll need help with. Yipes!

Sticker karma

I received an email out of the blue tonight from someone who heard I’m into street art and graffiti, and she is going to send me some of her stickers. Here is her Web site, and click on the little b/w image on the bottom to read her sticker story. Very sweet! Sticker artists really come in all shapes and sizes. Earlier today, I was looking around in Flickr and read how PEEL is going through some rough financial troubles these days. Some folks were very sympathetic, while others flamed them in a major, self-righteous sort of way (IMHO). You…

The Gallery Has A Posse (Part I)

This morning during Day Three of the NITLE workshop, I finally finished “The Gallery Has A Posse (Part I)” of my very first real iMovie about my sticker collection. It’s not perfect, but we only had 2 1/2 days to come up with a script and create one or more audio tracks and an image track. I approached the project not so much as “digital storytelling,” but more as an art video, according to the instructor. I ended up shouting my lines for the movie, and I asked everyone involved to shout their lines, too. It was hilarious to record…

Sticker central at the Gallery this summer

I’ve got a couple of SLU students, Kevin Carvill ’10 and Tsewang Lama ’10, archiving my sticker collection this summer. They’ve put everything into archival mylar sleeves and notebooks arranged by date and location. The next step is to figure out which ones to scan and load into CONTENTdm. Question: should I prioritize the best ones (the ones I want to write about?) or just begin at the beginning and assume they’ll all get done? Any suggestions would be great. The CONTENTdm sticker collection is here and click on “Browse” to find “The Gallery Has A Posse.”  I’ve got about…