Covid-19 Conspiracy and Disinformation Stickers in NYC

I was able to go to NYC last weekend for the first time since January 2020, curious to see what the stickers would be like there after such a tumultuous couple of years in the United States, post-Trump and in the midst of a global pandemic. Saturday evening in midtown yielded few stickers at all, and surprisingly, almost nothing related to current affairs. Ho hum, snooze. Thanks, America. There were a few, though. On Sunday morning, I had seen some footage on Sandi Bachom’s and Ron Filipkowski’s Twitter feeds about a group of Proud Boys marching in the city the…

Stuck-Up Pin-Up

The vintage press photos that I’ve been collecting lately regarding sticker culture in the United States seem to feature politicians in big dark suits standing next to campaign stickers or women posing with stickers (see also Republican Stickerkitty). This United Press photo from 1957 has a caption taped on the back that states, “Stuck-Up Pin-Up. Playing tag with very pleasant results, shapely Elsa Howorka of Rego Park, Long Island, N.Y., decorates her swimsuit with a package of airline baggage stickers at Wantagh, L.I. The result is enough to gladden the heart of any freight handler, although there’s certainly no resemblance…

Mysterious directional stickers in Berlin

Yesterday while biking around Prenzlauer Berg and heading toward Wedding, I came across another rash of mysterious directional stickers on sign poles along Eberswalderstraße. This was after finding directional stickers last spring further south along Stresemannstraße and turning onto Zimmerstraße. The stickers are typically orange (or faded orange) with an arrow or arrows pointing straight ahead or turning left or right. A couple of times, there would be a blue triangle nearby pointing in the same direction, as if the streets are telling us something. I also found two orange arrows last year by Marianneplatz on Bethaniendamm. On all three…

Hmm, nope, sorry, sweetie.

Kitty is pretty darned tired and parched after riding around Berlin on a rented bicycle for the past couple of days.  At the end of each day, I say to myself, “This is the last sticker!  Keep riding!” And then on my way back to the hotel yesterday, I rode past a sticker that said “Unverschämtheit!  Nazizombies auf den Straßen?  Tote haben nicht zu laufen.” Screetch!  Pull over. My fancy high-end Mac F12 translator (ha, kidding) indicates that it means “Insolence!  Nazizombies on the roads?  Dead do not have to run.” Hard to pass by that one.  This happens all…

Kadarshians or Kardashians?

Still nothing in The NY Times about the recent 2011 Dresden marches and counter-protests.  It’s been well over a week. I learned about Ryan Seacrest yesterday.  And the Kardashians. Where have I been?  In a secret sticker bubble? STCKRZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!! Much happier with stickers than Kadarshians or Kardashians. Kadarshians or Kardashians has a certain Kurt Vonnegut ring to it, doesn’t it?


Another coincidence. I’m watching Glenn Beck on FOX (a first!), and one or both of my cats has roundworms (also a first!). D-i-s-g-u-s-t-i-n-g!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (OK.  Something really weird/scary just happened.  I was trying to capture a .png shot from the GB Web site, and my computer went dead.  Twice.  I’m not going back there again.) So, all you get is a shot of the roundworm. Just pretend the other parasite is pictured below.


I’m heading to DC this week on the coattails (har de har) of a Tea Party march on Washington, DC, held today at the foot of Capital Hill.  While there Tuesday-Thursday, I’ll keep a close eye out for stickers, fliers, street posters, and ephemera for and against.  The last time I was in DC over the summer, however, it was  s-l-i-m  pickings. The Tea Party stuff (Palin included) belongs in a category I call “roadkill.” Can’t look at it.  Can’t look away. Nauseating, nonetheless. This picture is from the NY Times article:

they tiny feet

My previous reference to grasshopper legs was a poor nod to a poem by the well-known cat cartoonist B. Kliban, though I didn’t really remember the whole thing until y-e-s-t-e-r-d-a-y. “Love to eat them mousies, Mousies what I love to eat. Bite they little heads off… Nibble on they tiny feet.”