City Kitty

Someone named City Kitty stumbled across my blog and sent me some of his kitty pastes and stickers.  He’s based out of NYC but says he gets over to Europe once a year to put up stuff, most recently London, Glasgow, Dublin, Galway, and Paris.  Here’s City Kitty on a Label 228. This other kitty sticker uses iridescent paints.  Difficult to read here but very nice in person! The larger piece below didn’t all fit on my scanner.  If you call the phone number 1-855-3-CTY-KTY, you’ll hear a rap song about kittehs…. meow, meow, meow.

Stickers in Poznan, Poland

I made a quick overnight trip to Poznan, Poland, this past week at the invitation of Lukasz Niparko, a recent SLU alum.  He and I (and others) will be contributing to Weaving the Streets, a new blog on SLU’s The Weave: Mediocracy Unspun.  Part of Weaving the Streets will include photo-documentation of street art from around the world—a people’s archive, as we are calling it.  Poznan doesn’t have very many stickers, we learned, but has a bunch of wheatpastes and stencils.  Here is a wheatpaste that shows how to make stencils.