Antjie Krog

We heard back from Katharina Haverich at the Haus der Kulturen, and we’re signed up to read on Friday night.  Here is what she wrote:

There is a chance that by Friday June 4th (evening) we will be through with Gourevitch (read in German) and Sebald (read in German).

The later that day I’d schedule you and your students, the higher the chance we will have reached Krog (read in English).

My sense, from what I’ve read so far, is that this will not be performance as spectacle, but rather performance as a form of witnessing.  I’ll do more research and post again later.

The sticker scene yesterday was slightly disappointing in that most of what we came across was highly commercial.  Some antifa stuff here and there, but a lot of advertising and pop culture.  This shouldn’t be too surprising in that we were right in the heart of touristy Alexanderplatz and the Hakescher Markt