B2B x 2

B2B = back to blogging!

It’s been over a month since my last blog post.  I’ve been a little overwhelmed lately with the flood of information that is available online to the point where I can’t write.  I leave tabs open in Firefox to remember all the cool stuff out there: a new online anarchist archive at the University of Victoria in BC, Canada; a book called OurSpace: Resisting the Corporate Control of Culture; Death and Taxes’s Occupy Wall Street Systematically Ignored by Mainstream Media; AP’s Wall Street protester’s dress as zombies in NYC; Occupy Boston at Dewey Street’s downloadable print and post flyers; the Anarchist’s Developments’s article called The Response of Cultural Studies to 9/11 Skepticism in American Popular Culture; a YouTube video about Peter Claussen als Diplomat in der DDR (Peter Claussen is a U.S. State Department colleague of a friend of mine now situated in Berlin and might be a great contact!); an Ai Weiwei photography show at the Martin-Gropius-Bau opening this Friday; and, of all things, a story about the spiritual side of the OWS protests, in which a Tom Beaudoin, associate professor of theology at Fordham University, writes,

“… when they embody visions of a possible future that influence the larger social imagination, and when they sculpt the desires of the protestors themselves for the better.  In these ways, resistance can become symbolic action, protests become like religious ritual — and in those ways, even more important.”

(Made me miss my dad, again.)

B2B also means back to Berlin!!!!!!  I’m heading over on Thursday for a week, and once again, same as my last trip, the stars are aligned for good things.  A series of demonstrations around the world will take place on Saturday, October 15, for “a global revolution.”  I’ve been trying to find a single Web site for the event, which I realize is impossible, but have only come up with various FB sites and YouTube videos.  Knowing what I’ve seen in German stickerland, however, I’m sure there will be some serious street art in Berlin.  I’m also making a short trip to Hamburg this time.  A few people have indicated that Hamburg has a pretty lively street art scene and left-wing political antifa culture.

I also learned today the Stroke Urban Art Fair #5 will be in Berlin this weekend, October 14-16, 2011.  Hot dawg!  SLU students, Spencer-la, and I traveled to Munich in May 2010 to see Stroke #2, and everyone said how the Munich show was much more focused on sales and $$.  Richer clientele.  The Berlin version is supposed to be a little more alternative.  We’ll see.

Okay, off to pack and do laundry.  Count down!