Berlin’s revolutionary past

I’ve read in a few different places about someone who gives walking tours in Berlin that focus on the city’s historical revolutionary past.  You can read Walk don’t burn: Revolutionary walking tours from the Exberliner and May Day Tourism in Berlin: Anti-Capitalist Tour Guide Offers Riot Sightseeing from Spiegel Online International, but also check out the actual Revolutionary Berlin Web site where they outline German Revolution and May Day Riots tours.  Here is the description for the German Revolution tour.

  • How Berlin workers toppled the Kaiser and ended the war in 1918
  • The workers’ movement and the First World War
  • Karl Liebknecht and the resistance against the war
  • The uprising in Berlin that toppled the Kaiser
  • Rosa Luxemburg and the foundation of the Communist Party
  • The January fighting and the murder of the Communists

I’ve asked if they could do a German Revolution tour, but we need to find another three or four people to sign up.  The charge for a three-hour tour is 10 Euros, so if you’re interested, the date is Sunday, June 9, at 3:00 p.m.  You can email revolutionaryberlin at gmail dot com for reservations, so please go for it!

This city is amazing….