Back to business

Gareth Dale’s “Popular Protest in East Germany, 1945-1989” (Routledge, 2005) is proving to be an extremely helpful resource as I try to gain a better understanding of political protest in contemporary Germany – protest as represented in the stickers I’ve collected in Berlin and Munich since 2003.  In particular, he describes the mass uprising of June 17, 1953, that started in East Berlin and moved rapidly to over 700 cities throughout East Germany.  Half a million to a million workers protested; 1,000 workplaces were stopped.  Ultimately, by the end of the day (one day!), Soviet tanks, 20,000 Soviet soldiers, and…

Ha ha.

The .png shots I take for this SK blog are too small in size and too low-res to be used in any other printed matter.  No surprise.  It’s weird, though.  I can re-save a .png shot as a .jpeg, and the file size remains the same?  I can’t remember.  In any case, I created a .png shot at 72 dpi, re-saved it as a 72 dpi .jpeg, and re-saved it again as 150 dpi and 300 dpi .jpegs.  You’re not supposed to enlarge files like this, but I’m having Shutterfly make 5 x7-inch photographs to see how they compare in…


Another coincidence. I’m watching Glenn Beck on FOX (a first!), and one or both of my cats has roundworms (also a first!). D-i-s-g-u-s-t-i-n-g!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (OK.  Something really weird/scary just happened.  I was trying to capture a .png shot from the GB Web site, and my computer went dead.  Twice.  I’m not going back there again.) So, all you get is a shot of the roundworm. Just pretend the other parasite is pictured below.

Politics as unusual

Seriously, I’ve been debating for weeks whether or not to include any of my own personal comments on Stickerkitty regarding current US politics, etc., but the recent announcement that Sarah Palin will be joining FOX News makes me sick.  Enough is enough, for crying out loud. reports that Palin “has signed a multi-year deal to offer her political commentary and analysis across all Fox News platforms, including Fox Business Channel, and Fox News Radio.”  And, if that weren’t bad enough, check out this new accoutrement: Kitteh doesn’t want to be catty, but the packaging here blows me away. …

Jay + Conan

Jay and Conan performed the same basic act on TV tonight.  Woo hoo, it is sooo much fun to make fun of others, especially if they are dumb blondes, rednecks, and other n’er do wells.  I guess these comedians feel sooo smart.  Why aren’t they prancing around the Harvard Library quad making fun of the brilliant, the rich, and the gifted? Am I missing something? Hey, if you get this joke (below), I’ll send you $50!!!!

Say what?

Shepard Fairey has donated a work of art to be auctioned to benefit the Robert F. Kennedy Center. “Mix Media on Stencil Collage on 100% Cotton Rag Paper, 44″ x 60″, Signed by Shepard Fairey.” Mix media on stencil collage?  Hello?