Politics as unusual

Seriously, I’ve been debating for weeks whether or not to include any of my own personal comments on Stickerkitty regarding current US politics, etc., but the recent announcement that Sarah Palin will be joining FOX News makes me sick.  Enough is enough, for crying out loud.  FOXNews.com reports that Palin “has signed a multi-year deal to offer her political commentary and analysis across all Fox News platforms, including Fox Business Channel, FoxNews.com and Fox News Radio.”  And, if that weren’t bad enough, check out this new accoutrement:

Kitteh doesn’t want to be catty, but the packaging here blows me away.  [POOF!  I am now blown away!!!!]

On top of all this, Tom Ashbrook covered Tea Party Politics this morning on NPR’s On Point.  When he asked his two guests about TPP posters seen recently at various gatherings (posters that denounce Obama as a neo-Nazi Jew hater, for example), the one guest from “D-town” replied that most of the Tea Partyers are moderate Democrats and that TPers recently voted two “blacks” into office, yadda yadda yadda.

The question is,” Can I/we continue to look complacently at these political stickers and ephemera w/o all of this other crazy information getting in the way?”

Probably not.

Thank goodness.