SLAPS 2 at Con Artist in NYC

Students in my Street Art Graphics course at SLU made one-of-a-kind stickers to submit to the SLAPS 2 exhibition at Con Artist in NYC that just opened a few days ago. Here are some examples.

Margaret Chandler is a Global Studies major who recently spent a semester in Kathmandu working with a group of street artists.

2015_margaret_chandler_001 copy

Sarah Churbuck, a.k.a. “Miss Phiddler,” is from Florida and has been creating different images related to the ocean, especially mermaids.

2015_sarah_churbuck_003 copy

Rebecca Clayman is the queen of D-I-Y, often spending hours making intricate one-of-a-kind handmade envelopes on found papers and boards. This sticker is similar.

2015_rebecca_clayman_003 copy

Samiya Haque has become enamored with stickers as a result of this class. Her street name is Squitch. Here is what she wrote about her submissions to the exhibition:

Three of the stickers I am sending to SLAPS 2 are all hand drawn cultural patterns or doodles closely portraying my South Asian roots. The patterns for two of the stickers are inspired by traditional “henna” designs, and the red dragon sticker is inspired by the countless Chinese artifacts that my parents collected during their diplomatic posting to China. I found that by drawing these designs on the US postal blanks, I could make a statement on how the U.S. is a melting pot of various cultures. I intend to continue drawing detailed patterns inspired by other cultures on U.S. postal blanks to eventually make a collection.


squitch_004 copy

squitch_002 copy

Kiowere “Distant Thunder” Rourke is a Mohawk artist from the nearby Akwesasne Reservation. He wrote this about his sticker:

The sticker juxtaposes the two-row wampum (a peace treaty between the Iroquois and new settlers) of my culture with the image that defines my generation of the burning twin towers of 9/11. The sticker represents the de-culturalization of my people and other aboriginal cultures around the world and the destruction of treaties and peace in the world.”

2015_distant_thunder_002 copy

And here is the silkscreened sticker I submitted to the exhibition. With a nod to the I.W.W., I appropriated their iconic Sab Cat and also used the I Can Has Cheezburger? Internet meme to say “Stickerkitty Can Has Metadata.” The zeros and ones binary code spell out the same text. This sticker is a tribute to all the digital projects I’ve been working on lately!