Stickers from 2012 London Anarchist Book Fair

One of my ace gallery students, Peter Q., is studying in London this semester and went to the annual London Anarchist Book Fair for me a couple of weeks ago and picked up a bunch of great stickers.  These will go into the big sticker exhibition I’m working on, and as I think I mentioned before, this exhibition will be different and include only new, unused stickers.  I’m finding that anarchist book fairs have good stickers, which is slightly weird to admit.  I don’t define myself as an anarchist, but I like the stickers I find at these book fairs.  Here are ones I picked up at the book fair in Montréal last spring, and the stickers I picked up at the book fair in Boston in November will be scanned soon, I hope.  In London, there were a bunch of stickers from the Pogo Café, the “vegan radical social space in Hackney,” from what I see online.  More research and findings to come later!