The Book of Threes, Part I

Years back, en route to the Arctic of all places, two colleagues and I came up with The Book of Threes, and I’ve wanted to put it to pen ever since (shout out to Carole and Todd).  Here is Part I.

[proton, neutron, electron]; [ready, set, go]; [lock, stock, and barrel]; [flat head, Phillip’s head, spanner head]; [positive, negative, neutral]; [north pole, south pole, equator]; [guitar, drums, and bass]; [breakfast, lunch, and dinner]; [coffee, tea, or me]; [bell, book, and candle]; [Peter, Paul, and Mary]; [woman, dog, and tent]; [stop, drop, and roll]; [stop, look, and listen]; [the good, the bad, and the ugly]; [love, honor, and obey]; [head, hand, and heart]; [no shirt, no shoes, no service]; [body, mind, and spirit]; [Judaism, Christianity, Islam]; [faster, stronger, harder]; [blood, sweat, and tears]; [ketchup, mustard, relish]; [Canada, Mexico, and the US]; [Nina, Pinta, and the Santa Maria]; [forward, neutral, reverse]; [water, earth, sky]; [control, alt, delete]; [meat, potato, veg]; [baked, broiled, or fried]; [3 muskateers]; [Mickie, Peter, and Davey]; [Barbie, Skipper, and Midge]; [Nancy, George, and Bess]; [mild, medium, hot]; [JFK, MLK, RFK]; [morning, noon, and night]; [ice, water, vapor]….

More to follow.  I really need to get a life….