The Book of Threes, Part III

New ones, post-trip.

[Earth, Wind, and Fire – the band]; [Buddha, dharma; sangha]; [33 1/3, 45, 78]; [home phone, work phone, cell phone]; [Tupper, Viggo, Frankie (haha another inside joke)]; [black, white, and gray]; [uptown, downtown, midtown]; [bacon, lettuce, and tomato]; [Word, Excel, Powerpoint]; [rock, paper, scissors]; [Caesar, Crassus, Pompey]; [boiled, fried, scrambled]; [red light, green light, yellow light]; [Moe, Larry, Curly]; [phone, Internet, cable TV]; [RGB Roy G. Biv]; and two from Bob Natowitz = [shake, rattle, and roll] and [going, going, gone].  Thanks, bud!