WHATYOUWRITE + trip to Berlin approved!

There are so many graffiti resources online these days including this one, “WHATYOUWRITE that’s what’s up.”  I came across it while looking up information about Martha Cooper.  Check out their long list of artists’ links.

Also: my proposal to bring students to Berlin this summer was approved!  We’ll be there for a little over two weeks at the end of May – early June to document street art and sticker art for a spring 2010 exhibition at SLU.  We’ll meet up with Oli and Nada at their sticker Hatch Museum, and visit several sites such as the Galerie Neurotitan, Museum Haus am Checkpoint Charlie, the Stasi Museum, and others.  There is quite a bit to cover in such a short amount of time to give the students a sense of Berlin’s history and an understanding of important issues today — all of which are represented in contemporary sticker art.  Nonetheless, our goal during the trip itself is to document and collect everything and conduct research when we get back.  The exhibition will include the students’ creative responses to what we encounter on our trip.