Working from home during the COVID-19 crisis: Post #2

Today’s online text chat with Jstor Support:

Catherine Tedford

Apr 6, 15:45 EDT 

Chat started: 2020-04-06 07:32 PM UTC

(07:32:23 PM) Catherine Tedford: Hello! I am cleaning up some metadata fields in St. Lawrence University’s Street Art Graphics collection and trying to revise some text in the Rights field. I don’t seem to have a way to do that myself. Is that something you do on your end?

The sentence currently reads like this:
For information about the St. Lawrence University Street Art Graphics Digital Archive, see

And I’d like it to read like this:

I’m also not seeing default text in my Usage field show up in ADL. It hadn’t been mapped correctly, but I fixed that today and still don’t see it.

Thanks in advance for your help!
(07:32:27 PM) *** EJ joined the chat ***
(07:32:37 PM) EJ: Hi Catherine. Thanks for contacting JSTOR Forum Support!
(07:32:52 PM) EJ: Let me open up your project so I can take a look
(07:33:07 PM) Catherine Tedford: Great, thanks!
(07:35:18 PM) EJ: Are you working with the JSTOR Publishing target or the Artstor publishing target
(07:35:19 PM) EJ: ?
(07:35:29 PM) Catherine Tedford: Both, I think.
(07:35:38 PM) Catherine Tedford: But ADL, for sure.
(07:36:10 PM) EJ: OK, the JSTOR one will probably have to be done on our end. That functionality is brand new as you know, so it requires some intervention from our developers.
(07:36:16 PM) EJ: For the ADL one, I’ll do some testing now
(07:36:42 PM) Catherine Tedford: Perfect.
(07:36:46 PM) EJ: For the rights statement, if you open the ADL publishing target for the project in Admin, you’ll see the option to edit.
(07:37:01 PM) Catherine Tedford: okay, one sec…
(07:37:20 PM) EJ: Thanks for checking!
(07:37:43 PM) Catherine Tedford: There it is. Thank you! Can you help with my other question, too?
(07:38:29 PM) EJ: Sure! Did you update and map that field for records that had already been published? If so, you’ll need to republish them to make the change go through. If it’s a big collection, I can also do the reindexing for you from my end.
(07:38:59 PM) Catherine Tedford: Oh, I see. If you could do it on your end, that would be great.
(07:39:08 PM) Catherine Tedford: It’s a pretty big collection.
(07:39:38 PM) EJ: OK. I’ll start running that now and it should be complete by tomorrow, so I will check back in with you then!
(07:39:43 PM) EJ: Thanks for taking a look at this!
(07:40:22 PM) Catherine Tedford: Very good. Thanks again, I appreciate it. I love how fluid this system is, but I get a hiccup every now and then. 🙂
(07:41:23 PM) EJ: I have the exact same problem sometimes because there’s just so much to keep track of! Let us know if we can help with anything else, and if you have questions about the JSTOR target I can pass those along to the development team as well.
(07:41:46 PM) Catherine Tedford: Sounds good. Take care!
(07:41:56 PM) EJ: You too! Stay well!