Bad news, good news

The bad news is that Rizzoli has just come out with a spectacular new book, Stickers: From Punk Rock to Contemporary Art, and I didn’t write it.

The surprising good news is that my GWB  “I’m sorry” sticker was included on page 230 in the book’s Sociopolitical chapter.  Here is one of the stickers that I left on the ledge of the Coit Tower in San Francisco in 2008.

On the other hand, I do think I have a different angle in that I hope/plan to do more visual analysis in my writing than what I’ve seen elsewhere in other sticker publications.  Milton Glaser’s Design of Dissent publication is still the closest parallel I have found regarding my sticker project.  Ha.  Stickerkitty.  Milton Glaser.  Dream on, little kitty, dream on.  It’s good to have a fantasy life, tho, isn’t it?