Checklist for street art exhibition

Stuff done:

  • Letter of invitation from SLU to Oli and Nada at Hatch – received
  • ESTA forms filled out
  • Plane tickets purchased
  • Charlie pick-up at Newark
  • First night in Manhattan with Charlie and Mom
  • Charlie drives O+N to Canton
  • Lodging set up at 24 East Main for the week (for Spencer, too)
  • Text for exhibition card done, inc. quotes from 3 students
  • All of the card images selected except for the front
  • Test prints came in from Shutterfly today – looking good

Stuff in progress:

  • Kat’s working on text panels
  • Bridget’s working on her Facebook project/installation
  • Meeting with Jo at NCAT tomorrow to check large format printer and paper stock
  • Charlie better be working on his film, or he is toast
  • Need to get Oli a taxpayer ID number to pay honorarium
  • Juli helping with check request + wire transfer
  • Next Shutterfly order out tomorrow or Friday
  • SK (moi) is finalizing topics for her text panels
  • SK also doing final selection of her political stickers
  • Meet with Tracy to go over card design
  • Karen – mailing labels for bulk mailing and campus distribution
  • Posters for opening reception
  • Food for reception?
  • See if Martha Cooper wants to come to SLU when Hatch is here
  • MOO cards?

Yadda yadda yadda.  I lerv this stuff.