Geo-tagging with Stickerkitty’s Map

I’m developing a geo-tagging component of my sticker project using the newly released Canon SX280 digital point-and-shoot camera with built in GPS.  It’s not a very fancy camera at all, but there was a pretty steep learning curve at the beginning figuring out the GPS settings.  Note: don’t bother with the wi-fi and/or smart phones.  Thanks to Carole at work for figuring out the details!  Today, I finally loaded my first image onto a Flickr map that reads right down to street level.  I.e., Flickr can read the EXIF data (including the GPS coordinates) in an image file and then place it on a Google map.  During my upcoming trip to Berlin, I’ll photograph stickers in different neighborhoods over time and then tag the images with subject headings, type/genre, artists’ names, etc.  The name of the Flickr site is Stickerkitty’s Map, and it’s pretty bare bones right now, but I’ll flesh it out in the days ahead.  Here is a test of a geo-tagged stencil from Potsdam, NY.

Screen Shot 2013-05-09 at 8.37.48 PM