I.W.W. stickerettes at Cornell University

I made another trip to Cornell last month to look at the I.W.W. stickerettes in the Kheel Center for Labor Management Documentation & Archives at the Catherwood Library. Cornell has quite a collection of I.W.W. materials, in fact. I was particularly interested in the collection 5210G (Boxes 1 and 9). One of the pages in the scrapbook below called the little adhesives “dodgers,” too, but I’ve never seen that term used before. Some were printed by an I.W.W. office at 308 Stewart Avenue in Ithaca, NY.

The librarian told me that “Vernon Briggs Jr. donated the materials in 5210G, but it appears the other collection was given by various faculty members/scholars throughout the years: Nick Salvatore, Robert Rush, Vernon Briggs, and Kenneth Ives.”