NITLE workshop at SLU this week

I’m participating in a 3-day NITLE workshop at SLU this week on creating multimedia digital narratives. Today, we were supposed to have a script by noon and an audio file (or files) completed by the end of the day. The two presenters also provided an intro to iMovie–this all before 5:00 p.m. Bryan and Becca suggested that we use a single audio track, but that didn’t make sense for my project, so instead I ran around asking people to read from a pre-existing text of mine. I now have close to 50 short .mp3 files. I’m using the text from the card for The Gallery Has A Posse exhibition at SLU (2006). My plan is to create a visual HOWL at the beginning of my short video, and then juxtapose it with Robert Strong reading his poem entitled “DO SOMETHING/OBEY” from the exhibition card.

I will not get everything done by the end of the day tomorrow, so I might have to reconsider tonight and pare down. Bryan and Becca were right. Less is more.

I can’t yet figure out how to add images to this blog. TypePad and WordPress are different enough to drive this gal nuts.