“SHE SLAPS!” featured artist: Allison Tanenhaus (USA)

Please provide a brief description of your work.

I create colorful stickers based on my beloved cats, my glitch art, and my street-art tag, WHAT. The goal is to create connection and community in public spaces, where signage is typically geared towards commercial enterprises (advertisements, store signs, logos on clothing and cars). Putting out aesthetically appealing, self-expressive works amidst the hubbub lets genuine artists stake a claim out in the world, and fosters inquiry and attention to details that are all around us. I love to put my work amongst other sticker art, creating a collective destination that honors the art form.

Does being a female artist, or identifying as a female artist, influence your work, and if so, how?

The balance is changing (for the better), but when I connect with or learn about other street artists, they are predominantly male. The more female perspectives that can be seen and heard, the better—in general, and in street art, as well! So I do take pride in taking a chance to be myself and be out there in a field that is largely dominated by men.

That said, all of the people I’ve met in street art—of any background or gender—have been incredibly welcoming and open-minded. Maybe I’m just lucky, but my impression of the scene is that it celebrates effort, grit, and authenticity, no matter who you are. It feels very democratic in that way, which I appreciate.

What’s the best thing about being a female artist in the sticker world?

I think because women are a minority in the sticker world (or street art in general), there’s an automatic sisterhood we feel when we met one another, even if it’s just via trading or chatting on social media. That bond is special and enduring, and one that I value across all of my creative pursuits.

Is there anything else you’d like to share?

I recently launched my Etsy shop, which features all of my street-art stickers, plus postcards, as well. I’m always open to trades with other artists, but I’m very excited to have my work available for everyone, regardless of their street-art practice: https://www.etsy.com/shop/SlogansForNothing.

Special thanks to Oliver Baudach, Hatch Kingdom, Berlin, Germany, for his work to organize the SHE SLAPS! Street Art Stickers by Women Artists from Around the World traveling exhibition.