Stickerkitty Can Haz Metadata

I am learning how to use ContentDM (CDM), the digital image management software that the SLU gallery uses to catalogue its internal permanent collection database and other published collections.  It’s a program that’s geared more toward library special collections and historical societies, and so it’s not that great in terms of presenting large works of art on a monitor or wall screen.  (By contrast, the gallery’s Canadian Inuit art collection is presented in Drupal; the images appear almost full screen and are much clearer.)  What’s cool about learning CDM, however, is that I can now add misc. stickers here and there to the Street Art Graphics digital archive without having to ask Arline Wolfe, the arts metadata technician, for help and whose plate is full enough as it is!

Last week, I added four stickers by City Kitty, and this week I added 26 new St. Pauli stickers.  Believe it or not, there are now 132 different St. Pauli stickers in my collection.  That is one creative club!  Many St. Pauli stickers employ adbusting and culture jamming techniques, or what Guy Debord, a French Situationist, called détournement.  Some of these are illustrated in my previous posts, St. Pauli football club stickers and FC St. Pauli stickers #2.  Here are a few other examples below.

2013_addtl_St Pauli_007

2013_addtl_St Pauli_005

In Hamburg isst Braun-Weiss (Hamburg is brown [and] white), Cookie Monster, a character from the American television show The Muppets, is eating a chocolate chip cookie.  The black and white crest on his blue shirt is for St. Pauli’s rival, the Hamburger Sport-Verein (HSV) football club, and so this sticker is poking fun at St. Pauli.


The following American TV and movie characters are represented in the St. Pauli stickers: Beavis & Butthead, Cookie Monster, Daffy Duck, the Gorillaz, Hello Kitty, Popeye, Homer Simpson, and “Taz,” the Tasmanian Devil in Looney Tunes cartoons.  The poster from the movie Jaws in the sticker below is another example of adbusting and culture jamming, and in this case the St. Pauli shark is going after the ship that is the crest for the FC Hansa Rostock.


Plus, who is is this guy?  #notmygeneration…. hehe.