Summer 2011

Summer tasks (or accomplishments, depending on how you look at it)

Configure new laptop (check)

Install InDesign CS4 (check)

Deinstall CS4 and install CS5 (ergh)

Learn inDesign (in progress)

Test Blurb print-on-demand (soon)

Import 3,000+ image files into iPhoto on new laptop (in progress)

Get admin rights for new laptop in order to download Dropbox (check)

Organize image files into an official archive on SLU server (in progress)

Scan earliest stickers in black notebook from NYC, 2005-2007 (need to find a student now that Joe Pomainville is gone= NTFAS)

Scan stickers in red notebook, 2008-2009 (NTFAS)

Put most recent 2010 and 2011 stickers into mylar pockets (moi)

Re-photograph sticker sheets from 2006 exhibition with professional camera and lights (check, thanks, Carole Mathey!)

Crop these sticker sheet large image files to make image files for individual stickers (NTFAS)

Continue cataloging stickers for ContentDM database (ongoing as time permits, thanks, Arline Wolfe!)

Get back to writing real content (SOON!!!)