The Wicke case continues

Good news.  Guy Wicke is indeed the son of James T. Wicke.  Here is what Guy wrote in response to my email.

James T. Wicke is my father.  He died suddenly when I was 17, so obviously anything from his youth or political activism during the 60s-70s is a treasure beyond words for me.  The Pied Piper Lane address is my grandparents’ house (his childhood home).  I’ve never heard of the organization he was supposedly acting secretary of, but I wonder if it was a bit of tongue-in-cheek grandiosity.  He was a fan of that type of humor.  Or maybe it was a real group of activists in Wisconsin.

I’m going to send Guy the envelope that the stickers came in plus some spare stickers.  Who knows, maybe at some point we’ll get to know the background of these mysterious little paper thought bombs.  A friend of mine suggested that I check Google Scholar.  Pay it forward!