More substance

This may sound obvious, but I’ve been trying to figure out how to improve Stickerkitty more substantively.  I’ve wanted to offer more sophisticated commentary regarding the stickers I’ve found in NYC and Berlin, but I’m also nervous about posting “scholarship” that might subsequently be appropriated by others.  But you know?  Smart blogging is more engaging than fluffy blogging, and so far, this blog has been pretty fluffy.  I’ll begin to identify aspects of my favorite blogs and work through this challenge.

For example, I’ve long admired Joe Duemer’s blog Sharp Sand.  As a poet and teacher, he brings a sophisticated (that word again) and thoughtful perspective to writing and literature.

Likewise, Mira’s List provides a tangible service to readers, and I applied for an Artists Writers grant after reading about the program on her blog.

(Side note: My use of the term “sophisticated” turns off some people because it sounds elitist, from what they say.  I don’t agree, but maybe I need to find a different term.  The term “informed” may work better in certain circumstances.)

There are several fantastic artists’ blogs (that I’ll post soon), and I hope to bring a similar level of creativity to Stickerkitty that isn’t here yet.  Now that it’s summer, I can spend time developing a blogging “voice” and doing more research on NYC and Berlin stickers.

In any case, it’s time to ramp it up.