A post-election daze

Oh boy.  I’m still reeling from last week’s election.  God bless the United States of America for electing Barack Obama to be our 44th American President.  I really wish my Dad could have been alive to see this happen.  He’d be all proud and puffed up, but also humble==the American Civil Rights movement defined him as a young man, and I hope that he is able to see this happening from wherever he is.

We have a new SLU CONTENTdm sticker ninja on board, however–Alex Collins!!  Alex will be helping with metadata for now.  W00t!

For a good read, check out David Rees’s most recent publication, Get Your War On, the definitive guide to the war on terror, 2001-2008.  Each week’s cartoon is so dense and brutally sharp on the mark; depressingly enough, the strips from 2004-2005 still ring true.  It’s kind of surprising to read/see/hear how Americans have progressed so slowly on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan (and elsewhere).

I miss gathering stickers.  It’s been two+ months since I’ve been able to get into NYC, and things will start to get cold now.

Kevin, can you send me (to my SLU email address) an invoice of $250?   You can mark it “50% honorarium fee” for an upcoming Amsterdam ephemera exhibition (spring 2009).  I’m going to try to get this through, once and for all!!!!  I think I’ll arrange to pick up the check on Friday and somehow getting it into your bank account, maybe with your parents’ help.