Obama stickers from 2008


In 2008, Sticker Robot commissioned ten artists to create stickers for the Obama election; the artists included Shepard Fairey, Munk One, Zoltron, Sam Flores, Morning Breath, El Mac (whose sticker is pictured above), Ron English, Felix Jackson, Jr.,Dustin Parker, and David Choe.  I haven’t found too much information about the series yet, but there was an Obama art discussion group on Flickr that featured #9 and #10, and a Web site called Expresso Beans that occasionally shows packets of them for sale.  At the time, Sticker Robot wrote this about the packets:

In a final effort to show our support for Barack Obama and make sure that people have a chance to collect the entire set of Sticker Robot’s silkscreened Obama stickers, we put together a limited edition of 200 “Election Collection” sticker packs.  Limit of 1 sticker pack per person/household.  The packs were available once and will never be recreated.  Each sticker pack contains 15 large silkscreen stickers plus some bonus mini stickers.

I was lucky enough to purchase the ten stickers recently on eBay, along with the PROGRESS sticker that went with Shepard Fairey’s iconic HOPE sticker, and a bunch of others from 2008 that I’ve never seen before.  In all, there are 32 different designs, which you can see on Flickr here.  I wasn’t aware of the ten-packs and had only come across six of them in the past.  Here is another sticker by Munk One from Sticker Robot, though it’s not part of the original series of ten.


These Obama stickers will go into the new mega-sticker show I am working on!